Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Author! Author!

We're pretty proud of our director, Dave Nicandri. In our humble opinion, he runs one of the best historical organizations in the country. When he's not doing that, he's a historian--and his new book is coming out later this month. Here's what the press is saying:

"River of Promise: Lewis and Clark on the Columbia River, fills a significant gap in our understanding of the legendary expedition. Nicandri shifts the focus to a fundamental goal of the explorers: to discover the headwaters of the Columbia and a water route to the Pacific Ocean. He also restores William Clark to his role as primary geographic problem-solver of the partnership. Most historians assume that Meriwether Lewis was a more distinguished scientist than Clark because of his formal training in Philadelphia and superior writing skills. Here we see Clark as Lewis’s equal in scientific geography, not merely the practical manager of boats and personnel.

"Nicandri places the oft-mythologized Sacagawea in clearer perspective by focusing instead on the contributions of often-overlooked Indian leaders in Columbia River country. He also offers points of comparison to other explorers and a provocative analysis of Lewis’s suicide in 1809, arguing that it was not a rash decision brought about by despair, but the fruit of a seed planted much earlier—quite possibly in Columbia country."

Join Dave at the State Capital Museum on May 20 at 7 PM for a talk with humanities scholar Clay Jenkinson of The Dakota Institute. Enjoy Lewis and Clark themed refreshments (boudin blanc? bear steaks? who knows?)and get your copy signed! More information here.