Thursday, March 17, 2011

Columbia's 25th Anniversary

In 2011, COLUMBIA: The Magazine of Northwest History celebrates its 25th year of publication. Throughout the two and a half decades of its existence, the magazine’s staff has striven to maintain the character and quality of the publication John M. McClelland Jr. (1915–2010) brought into being during his tenure on the Washington State Historical Society Board of Trustees.

COLUMBIA should leave intellectual history to the scholarly journals, concentrating instead on narrative history, interpretation of events, and accounts of human achievements and happenings in all areas of endeavor to provide knowledge of what has brought Washington and its people to their present condition.

- John M. McClelland, Jr.

Recently the magazine has taken a few baby steps into the digital realm. The print
version of the magazine is not going away, but a digital edition of the Spring 2011
issue is available for a limited time as a PDF file downloadable from our Web site:

COLUMBIA is one element of McClelland’s cultural legacy that every person in Washington can benefit by. Executive editor and Historical Society director David Nicandri’s eulogy for John McClelland appears on page 2 of the new spring issue.