Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fay Fuller's Boots and Minty Mudslides

It's all in the latest issue of COLUMBIAkids. Learn about the first woman known to have climbed Mount Rainier--in 1890, just after Washington became a state. What clothes did she wear (no Gore-Tex available then)? What about climbing boots?

And while we're asking questions... Why is Princess Ariadne of Crete lounging around the Washington State History Research Center? Who is the ghost looking for her daughters in the lighthouse? What's a wabit basket? How did Pah-toe, Wy-east, and Loo-wit resolve their differences?

The answers, along with a recipe for no-bake Minty Mudslide cookies (perfect to munch while you're reading) are available in the new COLUMBIAkids.

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