Friday, August 6, 2010

Oregon Trail - The Movie

One of the things I often wonder as I sit at my computer is how many other people received their first introduction to Pacific Northwest History in the form of the old Oregon Trail computer game. I recall being taken to the computer lab in second grade specifically to play it. We learned about purchasing supplies, caulking covered wagons, and losing family members to just about every disease ever encountered in the 1800s.

And now, someone’s made a mock movie trailer:

Am I the only one who wishes this was a real movie?


  1. I think I'd rather play the video game. Then I'd at least find out how to caulk my covered wagon. Or try to translate the skills to a Honda Element. Today's Conestoga. Think we should solicit Honda to adopt that promo?

  2. Well, you know Ezra Meeker traveled the trail by wagon, car, train, and airplane. Maybe it's time for another reenactment!

  3. Good 'Ol Ezra is either thrilled or rolling over in his grave. I wonder who would play Ezra Meeker, Jack Nichols perhaps!